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4-6 hour sessions

Access our powerful network of systemic, agile, and open coaching with digital workshops by topic, tailored for your team or company. Our workshops cover a variety of topics related to innovation, organizational change & New Work and can be booked per team upon request.



In-network experts & coaches


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Evgeni Kouris


New Mittelstand

Benjamin Thym



Miriam Wilhelm

New Work Coach & Founder

Like A Zebra

Darius Moeini

Founder & CEO


Heike Ehmann

Leadership & Org Coach

HE Coaching

Dr. Martina Weifenbach

CEO & Co-Founder


Sandra Blühdorn


Circular Horizon

Edoardo Binda Zane

Leadership Coach

EBZ Coaching

Rakesh Kasturi



Jörn-Hendrik Ast

Managing Director

New Work Heroes

Building Effective Teams

It's the golden question: how can teams work more effectively together? This workshop introduces new frameworks and perspectives for teamwork focusing on understanding team purpose, implementing role-based approaches to teamwork and improving decision-making processes. You will come away with an inspiring new vision on how to collaborate productively and boost your team to the next level!

Your Co-Lecturers:

Miriam Willhem, New Work Coach

Heike Ehmann, Leadership & Organizational Coach

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New Work and Change Program Strategy

A structured 4h digital workshop with leading Change Experts to assess your company’s operating system and leadership culture and to kickstart your personal agile transformation and change management program design.

Innovation Program Assessment and Strategy

A well-crafted 6h training and digital workshop with Innovation Program Architects to assess your innovation objectives and to co-create a winning concept and roadmap for your innovation lab.